Petram & Co.

Petram & Co. is a specialist in asset management. Since the year 2000 we have been managing the assets of individuals, foundations, associations and cultural institutions. Every day sees us working with great enthusiasm for our clients, whom we have often known well for many years.

Our clients have spent years, sometimes generations, building up their assets. That is why we work to conserve all that is essential and undertake all that is possible. That means that we have delivered a good risk-return outcome ever since our foundation.

Bright Future

Young people with start-up capital tend to have less access to the international, professional solutions that we offer those of our clients who have built up substantial assets. We have thus developed Bright Future specifically for this group of young entrepreneurs and professionals.As a participant in Bright Future you will get advice from us on the growth of your assets, taking account of the goals specific to your life stage and/or to the development of your business. In addition, we open up our extensive professional network to you.

Art Consultancy Petram&Co

Many of our clients have an interest in art. They may be buyers or sellers of art works, for instance; they may be building up a collection or handling related matters such as inheritance, insurance, gifts and restoration. Given the complexity of the material, we offer our clients the opportunity to receive guidance from an independent expert via our Art Consultancy.

For some time now, by way of our Art Consultancy, we have had the great pleasure of working with art historian Edel Steengracht van Oostcapelle – van Utenhove of Noble House Valuation. With some 25 years of experience in a variety of positions in the international art world, she can offer you expert and independent advice in all relevant fields including those mentioned above.

Edel Steengracht fulfils the requirements of the Netherlands Federation of appraisers, brokers and auctioneers TMV. At an international level, she is an RICS certified valuer in the field of art and antiques and her appraisals enjoy global accreditation. We shall be glad to arrange an introduction.

You are cordially invited to visit our offices.
It goes without saying that we will be glad to come to you at your own address.


Maliesingel 27
3581 BH Utrecht
T +31 (0)85-485 85 70


Petram & Co. is registered with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and comes under the supervision of AFM and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Furthermore Petram & Co. is entered in the registers of the DSI Foundation (DSI) and is one of the partners entered in the registers of the CFA Institute.

Legal & Compliance

Petram & Co. places great importance on sound business practice. One constituent of this is strict compliance with legal and supervisory requirements. That means that Legal & Compliance is a major part of our business model. In order to assure the quality of this process, Petram & Co. works closely with compliance consultants who specialize in compliance activities and possess intimate knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations.

Complaints procedure

While Petram & Co. will make every effort to observe the requirements of its clients to the best of its ability in conformity with the prevailing conditions and applicable agreements, it remains possible that a client may in any given case be of the opinion that Petram & Co. has not acted correctly. In such circumstances the attached procedure will apply.  

AFM Consumer letter

An important element in the services provided by an investment business is its approach to investments. Asking questions about this part of the business will give you a good idea of the way an investment company handles its investments. This will enable you to judge if you are well served by that form of management. For more details, read on.  

Remuneration policy

The remuneration policy of Petram & Co. is so formulated as to be thorough, well-judged and sustainable in keeping with the strategy and risk-acceptance, corporate values and business principles of Petram & Co. This formulation takes account of the longer-term objectives of Petram & Co. and their clients, the relevant international context and the corporate environment. Taken together, these regulations constitute the remuneration policy applicable to the categories of staff employed by Petram & Co. Variable remuneration is set by senior management, cannot amount to more than 20% of fixed salaries and is applicable to a maximum of 10 members of staff.